Shopper-oriented campaign planning focusing on effectiveness along the full purchase decision journey

The purchase decision journey is no longer linear or sequential. Digital is now fully embedded into consumers and shoppers’ lives, driving brand value is as important as driving brand love and company reputation adds a third dimension to the full story.

During the conference our aim is to walk through this journey with the help of key experts coming from various disciplines of advertising to find effective ways of communication in this new world driven by the consumers.


You are going to hear inspiring thoughts on the following topics from our guest speakers:


What can advertisers learn from behavioral science?

How can you monetize the value of your brand story in the digital world?

What is the role of the big brand idea in this new era?

How can you uncover deep insights rooted in the purchase decision journey and build your strategy around these?

Where and how can corporate reputation play a role in the decision journey?


The conference will provide useful aspects, ideas and case studies to marketing and advertising professionals willing to sell more in this new, journey-driven world.


The official language of the conference is English!